The DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival

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The Negroes Are Congregating reverberates loose conversations amongst friends, tension in between lovers, stern warnings from a parent to a child, spiritual awakening of a saved wretch. This contemporary piece digs into the internal racism of the North American Black experience through spoken word, satire, and familiar dialect. Audiences are interactively engaged with the fluidity of stances about what it means to be Black and proud. It's bubbling, haunting, and 100% unapologetic.







Introducing Natasha Adiyana Morris:


Natasha Adiyana Morris is an award-winning playwright whose work has been presented in Canada, the United States, and Europe. She is the founder and executive director PIECE OF MINE Arts, a platform for Black play creators to showcase work-in-development, featuring over 150 artists since 2013. Natasha is the recipient of several accolades including SummerWorks’ New Performance Text Award, The Black Canadian Awards’ Leadership Certificate, and the Ontario’s Leading Women Building Communities Certificate. She credits local companies b current, anitafrika dub theatre, Obsidian Theatre and Meredith Potter Arts Management for her invaluable training.

Ticketing Information:

Date: Monday - July 1, 2019 @ Time: 7:00PM

Date: Tuesday - July 2, 2019 @ Time: 7:00PM

Location: THEARC Blackbox - 1801 Mississippi Ave, SE Washington, DC