Call for Plays

DC Black Theatre & Arts Festival is looking for works in 4 categories, in any genre, including  plays which incorporate movement, dance and music. Playwrights of all skill levels are encouraged to submit. All chosen Full-Length Plays, New Works Reading Series and Workshop are supported by the festival with 100% of the ticket sales going directly to the performing group, facilitator and/or playwright.



       Full-Length Plays

       One-Act Plays

       New Works Reading Series




  Full-length Plays: Running time MUST NOT exceed 2-hours in length.

  One Act Plays: Running time MUST NOT exceed 20 minutes in length.

  New Works Reading Series: Running time MUST NOT exceed 2-hours in length.

  Workshops: Running time MUST NOT exceed 80 minutes in length.


Please submit the following:

     1.  The playwright's bio and contact information.

     2.  A short synopsis of the play and/or workshop.

     3.  A complete script with numbered pages and a title page.

     4.  The submission fee is only $20.00.

     5.  There is no cost to submit a Workshop.


Please submit your application here. Any questions, please contact the festival staff at



Deadline for Submissions is March 31, 2020